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Uganda car rental with a baby

We give you tips about your Uganda car rental with a baby in Uganda with Rent a car Uganda.
While hiring a vehicle for family trip or self drive adventure it is always possible for one to also rent a baby seat from a Car Hire Company, however, have you asked yourself whether it is a good option or not to go for a Uganda car rental with a baby? Traveling along with your own baby seats for a vacation in most cases is looked at as something that adds expenses and yet it is the best way for one to save some money especially for travelers hiring a car for a family vacation. Most Car Hire Companies may require you to pay a lot more on baby seats and yet go for a Uganda car rental with a baby and your own baby seats so that you can save that money to add more activities in your travel plan.

For travelers who are renting a car within the the same destination, you can take your own baby seat and have some money remain with you to purchase other things along the way. Before renting a car, on your Uganda car rental with a baby make sure that you first cross check with the local road authority websites if at all they have information about baby seats or it will require you to travel with your own.

In case you choose to rent a baby seat while on your Uganda car rental with a baby, do not miss to check out all the costs in the first case such that you do not get caught up. There is a cost for any baby seats which get damaged, dirty or lost meaning you will need to bring your own in that even when the sodas or food drops on them, you can clean at your own time without realizing a cost. If you consider car hire in Uganda or any destination plus a baby seat, make sure that you are given the baby seat on the day when you will pick up a car and they should be fitting the baby so that you enjoy your Uganda car rental with a baby.

Rent a car Uganda has listed some of the pros and cons of traveling on your Uganda car rental with a baby and your own baby seats to use in a car rental other than hiring them from the Car Hire Company.


Most of the car seats are compatible with modern vehicles though you are advised to look at the make and model of the vehicle’s seat design if they fit. Given that most of the car rentals are up to date make and models it is uncommon to get compatibility problems but you are encouraged to check and also ensure that you reserve a vehicle of suitable size.


Whereas most of the baby seats offered by car hire companies are of recommended standard, it is also worth noting that not all destinations have the similar standards meaning what may seem satisfactory in one destination may not be the case in another. You will realize that majority of car rental companies offer the main brand vehicle seats and if you have a specific baby seat for your baby to sit them better you come along with it. For safety purposes, make sure that the baby seats fit well.


While most travelers get worried about their expensive car seats getting damaged while on a flight, note that baby seats are always packed differently. You can ensure that they seats are well wrapped prior loading.

The prices

Hiring a car for a longer period of time on your Uganda car rental with a baby can really be costly and for families who may need two more baby seats; you will see the impact of this as it encroaches in your budget. Given that most airlines accept babies below two years to pack at least two items in the hold, it means that you can also push at least one and save some money from hiring a baby seat in car rental. But check if there are charges attached for hold luggage to avoid unplanned costs. In case you find out that the charges are favorable, then there is no need to hire both a car and baby seat. For quality and safety while on your safari, the best option is for you to travel with your own baby seats while on your Uganda car rental with a baby, however, ensure that they are fitting well into the car rental.


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