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Uganda reopens for tourism

Uganda has officially reopened for tourism as of June 17, 2020 and is allowing tourists from all countries to visit.

Uganda, a gorgeous country located in east-central Africa, has seen an increase in international tourism over the past few years, up to about 15% of the country’s total GDP. Local government has expressed how important tourism is to the nation and their need to resume international travel.

Uganda Reopening Tourist Guidelines

Even though Uganda is open to all nations, there are some important requirements and things to know before you book your trip.

Can all countries visit Uganda?

Yes. Uganda is one of the most relaxed countries in the world in terms of reopening, allowing tourists from all nations. They also clarify that there are no restrictions based on either nationality OR country of departure.

Does Uganda Have Mandatory Testing?

Yes. Testing is required before arrival and again upon arrival. In order to gain entry into Uganda as a tourist, you must take a PCR test in your own country within 72 hours of departure and have the negative results as proof. The negative test must be emailed to before your departure and a copy of the results brought with you to show customs upon entry into Uganda.

At the airport upon arrival, travelers will be tested again with the results available in around 8 hours.

Uganda does mention that if it’s impossible to get tested in your home country before your flight, they do have an option to be tested on arrival. There would be one test at the airport, plus another 48 hours after arrival, both at the cost of the traveler.

Do I have to quarantine upon arriving into Uganda?

No. Any traveler who has their negative-PCR test in hand, and is showing no symptoms, will not have to quarantine upon arrival into Uganda.

Testing before visiting tourist attractions

A unique regulation for tourists in Uganda is this: All tourists must be tested before visiting any tourist attraction or embarking on any tour/trek. (Yes, even if you brought in your negative-PCR test.) If you will be touring outside your hotel, visiting any attractions, or going on any tours, you will be tested again upon arrival at the airport and will await results in your hotel for around 8 hours. The cost of this second test will be included in tour prices.

  • All countries can visit
  • All countries must fill out a pre-arrival form
  • All countries must bring a negative PCR test within 72 hours of boarding
  • Another test will be done upon arrival
  • No quarantine for arrivals
  • Re-Testing may be done before going on in-country tours or treks

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