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Car rental fleet

Car rental fleet is one of the things clients look out for before hiring a car from any car rental company. Our car fleet at Rent a car Uganda is perfectly suited to assist you in your car rental options like self driver hire while on your holiday in Uganda. If group travel is not your first choice, let us plan and arrange your Self drive trip here to your liking. Our consultants will be able to assist you in selecting a Safari fleet at the best Rates to drive your own adventure. we can design, plan, quote and book the itinerary for you. Most of the country can be driven using a conventional sedan 4×4 which is why opting for car rental in Uganda is a wise choice.

Toyota Rav4 “Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-wheel drive”

The Toyota RAV4 is a sport utility vehicle (SUV) rented from Self drive Uganda are used cars that they are imported from Japan, 4×4, Ac , Manual and automatic depending on the travelers interest & needs .  Toyota Rav4 are Economic car fleets. The vehicle was designed for consumers wanting a vehicle that had most of the benefits of SUVs, such as higher visibility and the option of full-time four-wheel drive. Our Rav4 fleets rang from Model 1997 -2000.

The Toyota RAV4 can be either a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission, Either 4 Door or 3 Door. 4 Door has the carrying capacity of 4 Pax including the driver plus space for Camping Gears.

Car rental fleet
RAV4 for rent in Uganda
Car rental fleet

Toyota Land cruiser Available 

Rent a car Uganda offers first hand land cruisers for self drive, Land cruisers are strong fleets that are 4×4 and reliable with enough spacious room for leg rooms compared to Toyota rav4, The Land cruiser offered ranging from 1998 to 2015 with the carrying capacity of 4-8 Paxs depending on the travelers interests and the Amount Charged.

Safari Land cruiser

This is a luxurious 4×4 land cruiser with the rooftop and its ranked as the hard top that is nice for game drives in national Parks like Volcanoes National Park , Akagera National Park for ultimate Uganda Safari Holidays.

This Safari land cruiser has the carrying capacity of 5-8 Paxs ,Manual and 4×4 Stick for applying it,top up roof for game Drives ,they normally don’t have Air condition and a driver may be added on the Request.

Car rental fleet
Car rental fleet
Car rental fleet
Car rental fleet

Our Car Rental fleet

Range Rover

Consider renting a Range Rover for your special occasion in Uganda. Whether you need it for your wedding, airport transfer, or self-drive purposes.

Mercedes Benz

Are you looking to add a touch of elegance and luxury to your special event or travel experience in Uganda? Look no further than Webstar Car Rentals

Cargo Van

At Webstar Car Rentals, we understand that when it comes to transporting goods, having a reliable and spacious cargo van is essential.

Land Rover Defender

Rent a car Uganda has a large fleet of completely equipped Land Rovers Defenders available for rental; our vehicles are well maintained.

Hire a Subaru Car in Uganda

Subaru Forester

Are you looking for a reliable and versatile SUV for your travel needs in Uganda? Look no further than Webstar Car Rentals.


Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure in Uganda? Look no further than Webstar Car Rentals for an exceptional Jeep rental experience.

Nissan Patrol

At Rent a car Uganda, You can rent a Nissan Patrol in cab or pick-up truck versions at affordable rates. The Patrols are always serviced after every road trip.


When it comes to organizing group trips or events in Uganda, having a comfortable and reliable mode of transportation is essential.

Toyota Hilux

Rent a Car Uganda has a fleet of well serviced Toyota Hilux cars for hire in Uganda available for weddings, Entebbe airport transfers.


Rent a Rav4 in Uganda if you’re planning a trip and seeking a reliable and versatile vehicle to explore the country’s breathtaking landscapes.

Land Cruiser

Looking for an affordable Safari Land Cruiser For Rent in Uganda? Look no further than Rent a Car Uganda’s Safari Land Cruiser.

Safari Mini Van

Rent a car Uganda offers a Safari mini van that is a perfect group van to hire in Uganda for a group safari, family road trip as well as camping.

Toyota Premio

At rent a car Uganda, we can get you a Toyota Premio at affordable rates for hire. The Premio is an upscale sedan car manufactured by Toyota Motors.

Single Roof Top Tent

Looking for an adventurous way to explore Uganda’s beautiful landscapes? Consider renting our Single Roof Top Tent Toyota Land Cruiser.

Toyota Harrier

Rent a Toyota Harrier in Uganda: At Webstar Car Rentals, we understand the importance of a comfortable and stylish ride. That’s why we offer Toyota Harrier rentals in Uganda.


When it comes to luxury and performance, few brands can match the excellence of BMW. At Webstar Car Rentals in Uganda, we are thrilled to offer a wide range of BMW cars for hire.

Toyota Wish

Hire a Toyota Wish in Uganda: Embark on a comfortable and memorable family trip with a Toyota Wish rental from Webstar Car Rentals.


Hire a Volkswagen in Uganda: Make your wedding or luxury travel in Uganda an unforgettable experience with a Volkswagen rental from Webstar Car Rentals.

Toyota Vitz

Rent a Toyota Vitz in Uganda: Explore the city streets of Uganda with ease and affordability by renting a Toyota Vitz from Webstar Car Rentals.


Welcome to Webstar Car Rentals, your premier car rental service in Uganda. If you’re seeking the epitome of extravagance and elegance for your special occasion


Are you in need of a reliable and robust truck for your transportation needs in Uganda? Look no further than Webstar Car Rentals.