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Car rental Terms and Conditions

Car rental terms and conditions tips with Rent a car Uganda. These terms and conditions should be considered while hiring a car rental from Rent a car Uganda or any other car rental company in Uganda.
Safari Car rental in Uganda-Things you should know about the terms and conditions.

In a business setting, there are contracts which are signed between entities. In the car hire industry in Uganda, before someone hires a car; they must make sure that they understand the terms and conditions of a given car hiring contract. Here are some of the not-miss aspects of a car hire company in Uganda

Car hire with a chauffeur or self-drive

The car rental company should state whether the car rental is a self drive or a chauffeur hire car rental in the agreement. This is vital because some of the conditions can be fully adjusted if you have a driver. For example, instead of always taking personal responsibility of communicating with car Rental Company in case something happens; you can always depend on the driver to pass on that information. And the cost of having a driver is always higher than a self-drive. Make sure this is included to avoid misunderstanding later on.

Know the exact type of car mentioned in the contract.

The agreement shall mention the type of the car that you hired from them. Every detail about the car are included-things like the number plate, engine number, and other important details are noted just to avoid confusion and to control several situations from arising. For example, someone can simply complain that they hired another car yet in actual cases, it is a different car. To solve all of those mysteries, every detail is included in the agreement. If you read any car agreement and you don’t find that, simply consult with your car rental company for details.

For how long are you going to hire the car.

This is one of the most important term that is included in an agreement and a lot of times, several clients bleach the agreement because of this-they fail to bring back the car during the agreed upon time .In some cases, this is understandable due to several situations that could happen along the way-for example a car might have a mechanical damage which requires some time to repair before it is used again. The best way to deal with this term is to always communicate with the car rental company in case something happens and this shall solve the consequences that might follow like high damage costs

Hiring price.

Make sure that the price of the overall car hire is included or it is easily calculable to avoid situations of over pay or several disagreements stemming from the official indication of the price. Someone might say that how is that possible? Can a car rental company forget to mention the overall price of your car hire? Yes, it is possible because we are humans and we are not prone to errors. Verify that term because it can easily cost you in case of a misunderstanding.

Is the car in a good mechanical state?

I have seen people who really don’t care about knowing the mechanical condition of the car. Once you give them the keys, they just start the car and proceed however to have a successful car hiring process, make sure your car agreement fully states the mechanical condition of the car. Things like “third party insurance” and when they last serviced the car should be included in the agreement. If you fail to ask for that, you might end up taking on a car whose service is overdue only for you to incur the cost later on. Even if they forget out this term, make sure you remind them such that they include it.

Car rental terms and conditions really depend on each car rental company however if you are looking for a company that shall give you the best terms and agreement during your car hire in Uganda; I believe “Go self drive”is the best company to contact. Contact them today whether you are looking for safari cars, business cars, family cars and group cars for all your car hiring needs.

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