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Gorilla Trekking With Car Hire

Gorilla trekking with car hire helps you enjoy all the comfort of a selfdrive in Uganda with Rent a car Uganda.
Gorilla trekking is one of the most sought after activities in Uganda. You might have rented that big safari car for gorilla trekking but for your journey to be enjoyable; you must pack and do some preparations before you start the journey. So how do you get prepared? Let’s look at some simple hacks to make our journey seamless.

Pack your gorilla permits.
All tourists should take caution when it comes to gorilla trekking, without a gorilla permit there is no way you can go for this activity. I have seen and heard cases where tourists failed to track because they don’t have gorilla permits with them. Gorilla permits are simple documents that give visitors the authority to track gorillas in Uganda. In Uganda, you pay $1500 per gorilla permit. The price is worthy of everything. Before you embark on your journey, make sure you have your gorilla permit with you. If you are going for a self-drive to Volcanoes National park which is home to the Gorillas; they shall be literally no one to remind you that have you to pack your gorilla permits. That could be a little different if you had a guide to drive there-he will at least remind of you that. Simply, pack your gorilla permits.

Pack all other travel accessories you need.
To enjoy gorilla trekking; you must have nice safari boots or their equivalence, a nice camera to take the best moment during your gorilla trekking plus some other additional travel accessories. Make sure you pack each and everything that you shall need. Make sure to pack some water too. I would advise to do all of this prior to going to your gorilla trekking.

where you are going to do gorilla trekking from.
Gorilla trekking involves trekking particular families in Uganda. A gorilla family is like an extended family with several members forming a group. These families are located in sections. Once you book your gorilla permit, you have to indicate the section you would like to trek and this is because of many factors and some could be the nearby lodgings as well as how easy it is to track the gorillas in a particular section. You must know which section you are going to trek from such that you drive to that section rather than getting lost along the way.

Arrive early in the park.
If you are enjoying your self-drive to volcanoes national park for gorilla trekking, always ensure that you arrive early to the park. Since you have no driver, you might say that I will take my time and drive the way I want but if you are really interested in gorilla trekking, you must arrive early in the Morning and how do you achieve that? The best trick is to the nearby hotel or lodge and you stay there in the night such that the next day, you just drive a short distance to the park.

Check out car hire prices and terms and conditions.
You must check out the terms and conditions of hiring a safari car to the park and the prices that follow each condition just to ensure that you stay safe according to your budget and expectations. If you think that you can DO-IT-YOURSELF, go ahead and do it however if you think you shall need additional help of a driver, don’t hesitate to ask from the car rental service. All those situations are catered for.

Carry go camera for your photos and videos.
The main reason as to why people go for gorilla trekking at volcanoes national park is to have an experience of a lifetime. And the only way to keep some of those experiences is to by taking them using a very beautiful camera. Make sure you take your beautiful camera with you.
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