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How to Book your Entebbe airport Taxi

About Entebbe International Airport

Location and Climate

Entebbe International Airport lies astride the equator at latitude 00.020 North and longitude 320 East, for which reason it has often been described as the “Airport on the Equator”.

Elevated at 3782 feet above sea level, the airport is part of a peninsula bordering Africa’s biggest freshwater lake, Victoria.

Entebbe has a tropical climate all year, with temperatures ranging from 17 0C to 27 0C in January and 16 0C to 25 0C in July. The gateway to the “Pearl of Africa”, Entebbe, is 40 Kilometers south-west of Kampala City, Uganda’s Capital

History of Entebbe International Airport

Uganda first witnessed a civil Aviation motorized aircraft in its space in the early 30s when “a flying boat” landed at Port bell, south east of Kampala, on the shores of lake Victoria to deliver mail. The mail delivery service had earlier started in neighboring Kenya in 1929 by Wilson Air ways. The service facilitated communication between the colonial centers in the region.

The excitement generated by faster transport led to the creation of Directorate of Civil Aviation (DCA) in 1949 to oversee civil Civil Aviation activities in East Africa. In 1947, Entebbe was identified as the most suitable location for the country’s airport.

Entebbe was not only a bastion of the colonial structure in Uganda; it also provided easy navigation across the lake. Air Navigation services were, at the time, done through rudimentary technology. The airport at Entebbe was commissioned in 1951 with the splendor and presence of the Queen of England.

Group Transfer From Entebbe Airport

Do you need a coaster bus or minivan for a group transfer from Entebbe Airport? Talk to us. We are happy to provide unmatched transport services at reasonable rates. Whether you are a group of 10, 20, 30 passengers or more, there is a car for you.

One of our drivers will pick you from the Airport and take you to the next destination. It may be a residential home, conference center, tourist spot, prayer centers, and entertainment events like the Nyege Nyege festival in Jinja, concerts, overnights, and more.

It’s our please to reach you at the Airport, Entebbe town, Kampala, Jinja or any other place. We have an option to arrange for you two taxis. If you prefer to use one car, then we shall provide a Toyota Hiace, Super custom or Coaster bus.

This is dependent on the number of people and size of luggage. The Toyota Hiace accommodates 9-10 people, Super custom is for 7 passengers and the Coaster bus carries 30 passengers.

Join our list of clients who engage us for trips from EBB Airport to other notable areas like Mbarara, Jinja, Fort portal, Kampala, Lubowa, Muyenga, Masaka, Mbale to name but a few.

This option is great for those who are traveling in a group. For sole trippers, a private taxicab is available and fantastic. Be sure to arrange in advance.

The reservation agent is online to give replies. You are free to ask any question you need to know about EBB Airport group transfer or any other information about Uganda. He is free and ready to negotiate with you.

Even those who are visiting Uganda in a group, we are ready for you. We have minivans and vans that carry 5 – 9 passengers. If you exceed nine, we can get you two minivans or provide a coaster bus for your transportation.

A group transfer from Entebbe Airport is more thrilling in a coaster bus. This vehicle is highly raised and more spacious especially if you are more than 15 passengers. Seats are well spaced and there is also space for luggage.

The driver will come for you at the Airport to Kampala and other parts in Uganda. Even a  drop off from the capital to EBB is possible.

Need more information regarding Entebbe International Airport? Please Call: +256 782187844


If you wish to use a taxi from Entebbe International Airport,? Here are some of the steps to follow, and reserve a car before your arrival date. It is the best option for airport transfers from Entebbe or the newly established Hoima Airport in the western part of Uganda.

Send an inquiry message.

Log on to our website and use the WhatsApp chat option. Send us a message inquiring about availability and the price of your trip. Make sure to include your next destination from Entebbe Airport.

The rates charged for each trip depend on the length of the journey. Moreover, outline all the details you would like to know about. The reservation agent is available to give answers.

Receive the reply

You will receive a reply in a few minutes. It includes the answers to your questions like the trip cost, how to locate the driver, mode of payment, and a lot more. When you take a long time without getting a reply, try to check in your spam or junk folder. Some servers forward the email replies to spam.

Aside from that, if you want to book the taxi at the last minute, like hours before your arrival time, don’t forget to share your WhatsApp number and be online. They can get back to you quickly with a text message.

It is not advisable to order a taxi or cab after moving out of the Entebbe airport  arrival terminal. You might be disappointed because these cars are in high demand. If you have not made an arrangement, it is hard to get one, mostly at night.

Confirm & Share correct details

After receiving the reply, you can confirm in time. Share correct travel details such as the arrival date, flight landing time, names, and your next place.

The driver will be ready for you on that date. When you reach the waiting area at the arrivals exit point, look for raised signposts and select the one which exhibits your name. Meet the driver and share greetings. Later, get into the car to start the journey.

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