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Safe Driving Tips For Pregnant Mothers.

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Motherhood is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. The feeling of excitement, care, and love pours in. Many women experience different mood swings and emotional outbursts during their pregnancy. At the same time, some enjoy their pregnancy with grace. They can do all the daily chores and activities like walking, jogging, dancing, driving and many other things. However, any pregnancy activity needs medical advice and needs to be done under much care.

If you’re a mom-to-be, your entire world is going to change with the arrival of the newborn. However, it doesn’t mean you have to stop all the household chores that include driving to pick up groceries or any activity that requires you to be behind the wheel. Dubai is said to be the safest country for women. Women can safely rent a car in Kampala and drive when pregnant. However, we have a few tips for maintaining safety while your baby is on its way.

Ensure Your Car Has an Emergency Kit

Most of the women prefer to work through their entire pregnancy. Hence they are required to drive to work or the market if they are comfortable and well. However, it is uncertain when you will face an emergency; hence, ensuring you have all the emergency kits and first aid kept in the car beforehand is best. It is best to keep a rechargeable battery charger if the car battery fails. Before taking the car out, check the tires, the oil, and the water level to avoid breakdowns.

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Don’t Drive When Sick

Pregnancy brings in a lot of fatigue, morning sickness, and other symptoms. However, it is hard to check your moods and health when you have a busy schedule ahead of you. However, it is essential to stay home and bed if you feel uneasy or under the weather. Driving while you’re feeling sick, especially when pregnant, can be dangerous to you and your baby. By all means, it is essential to think about the safety of your baby and yourself. Eat a healthy diet before you drive to work. Drive only if you feel better. If not, rent a car to work.

Wear the Seat Belt

Seat belts are crucial while driving. Never wear the seat belt on the belly or above the stomach. Ensure the belt is placed away from the abdomen and right on the lap. Adjust the strap as per your convenience. Not too tight or not too loose. Just the proper tension to keep the baby and you away from the impacts of the sudden breaks and bumps. No matter how uneasy it might be, driving the car without a seatbelt when you’re pregnant is very unsafe.

Position the Steering Wheel

Position yourself in a way that makes driving comfortable and easy for you and your baby. If you’re pregnant and commuting to work regularly, make sure you position the steering wheel. Bring the steering close to your chest and away from the tummy or abdomen. This way, you protect yourself in case of a crash or emergency.

Reduce Driving

As odd as it may seem, driving can be a risky business when you’re pregnant. The roads are busy with ongoing traffic, and it is very unpredictable as road accidents are increasing each day. As much as impossible, try to avoid driving the car on your own. Either rent a car in Kampala, request your partner drop you off at work, or help you with grocery shopping. Always remember your safety and the safety of your to-be-born matter more than anything else.


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