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Saving Time and Money on Car Rental

Saving time and money on car rental is what budget visitors or tourists always look out for. Renting a car is a good decision for a business traveller due to many factors however among them is that a car hire saves time and Money for a business traveller. I had an extensive talk with an expert in the industry and he gave me his mind about the topic and here are some reasons why you should consider saving time and money on car rental.

Self-drive is cheaper than hiring a driver.
Hiring a car for self-drive to a business trip or meeting is always cheaper than hiring a driver to do that work for you. In addition, here in Africa people still respect those that come driving and like they say, the car that you are driving sometimes speaks volume about the owner. For sure, it is cheaper to drive than to hire a driver.

Buying a new car might not be necessary.
There are business people who don’t really care about price and all they care about is getting what they want. In life, sometimes you must find a way of saving on a particular commodity or services. While it might perfectly make sense for some business travellers to buy a car whenever they go, it would sometimes make sense to simply hire. There are many cases where I would agree with those that prefer to buy a new car than to hire-for example after a business meeting, you might decide to stay in Uganda for quite some time to establish and do business, in that case buying a new car would make more sense. Maybe after the business meeting, you might fully decide that you are going to start/open up a branch or a new company in Uganda, such a company shall surely need cars and if you buy a new one it would still make sense; where it doesn’t make perfect sense is when you have come to Uganda for about a week and you decide to buy a new car instead of hiring from car rental companies. Hiring a car shall help a business traveller save money than if he had bought a new car because hiring is cheaper than buying.

You are always in control of your own time.
Most people say Time is money and Time is the most precious currency that you would ever find in this world. When you hire a car for self-drive, you are always in control of your own time-you basically do what you want and what comes to your mind. For example, after your business meeting, you might decide to take some few hours and go relax at a hotel or do any other activity that you feel comfortable with. Much as the driver would do for you, their always personal activities that you would enjoy just doing alone. This is what a self-drive will do for it gives you the power to control your own time. And if you really know what you are doing, you end up saving some few hours.

You can always make adjustments.
It pains for you to wait for someone for a business meeting and you can’t find them-that is absolutely disturbing however if you are on a self-drive in Uganda, you can decide to make some few adjustments and meet your business partner later. This is the power that renting a car gives you-it fully helps to cut on some costs if you were having a driver-the driver would automatically demand for extra money but all of that is cut down if you on a self-drive.
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