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Stay Fit In Your Rental Car Tips

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Stay fit in your luxury rental car while you drive around the roads of Kampala. There is a massive chance of getting stuck in a jam  and you have no other alternative except to keep waiting for things to clear during this time. Plus, sitting in the same position could affect your spine, bones, and muscles. If you have opted for a luxury car rental in Uganda, you can use it to overcome this problem.

There are specific ways in which you can exercise while behind the wheel. Yoga is one such exercise that you can do even when on the move. These tactics would help you keep fit even during long hours of waiting. Here are some techniques you must use when driving, even if it is in a budget car rent in Uganda.

Different Techniques Of Breathing

Breathing, as we all know, is a critical part of Yoga. While sitting, you can practice inhaling and exhaling for the same duration. Also, do not let your attention waver while doing so. This exercise will stimulate your brain and make you feel pacified.

During traffic jams, it is easy to get excited. You can place your hand on the belly, take a deep breath, and then exhale. Keep doing this for at least 5-10 minutes. Deep breathing of this type will increase your blood circulation, reducing the fatigue you are experiencing.

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Moving The Spine

Continuously sitting in one place has the most significant impact on your spine. The biggest problem is that you must maintain the same pose in the office after sitting in your car. When you are just sitting, you can exercise your spine too. Sit straight and firmly place your feet on the floor.

Hold your seat tightly and twist your torso first on one side and then on another. Keep repeating this 8-10 times and then repeat. This yoga exercise helps reduce the stress on your spine.

Focus On The Joints

Your neck and other body parts have joints that feel cramped due to sitting for long. Try to cut down the pressure on your ankles. Rotate them in both directions to provide flexibility to your feet. Your shoulders would need respite too. Hold the steering wheel tightly and then roll the shoulders up and down.

You can lower your chin and do a shoulder roll simultaneously for the neck. It would give your body a respite and cut down on any fatigue. When you have the budget to rent a car in Dubai, you can do all this to remain fit. It will let your body not feel stressed and be able to tackle long periods of wait.


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