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Check This Before Renting a car

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]When touring, a rental car is the most accessible transport mode. Yet when we book a vehicle, we cannot be sure of what we will actually get. Some companies advertise a different car, and when you receive it, the car is not worth taking.

This is why when you decide to rent a car you must be doubly sure. There are a few checks that you should conduct before you give it the go-ahead. The absence of these checks means a chance that you will face difficulties in your journey. This is a prospect that you would want to avoid. Here are some essential checks you should conduct when you receive the rental car.

Go Around the Car and Have a Look

Take some time and go around the car just to have a complete go-through. See if there is any visible damage or any issues. In case it is night time you can use a torch for that purpose. On seeing any damage, mention it to the rental company beforehand. The most apparent damages are dents, scratches, or any chipped-off paint.

Apart from this, you should also see the dashboard to find the fuel level status. It is always best, to begin with, a full tank. While checking the fuel level, see if the headlights are working correctly and the brakes.

Sort the Route

See if the car is in a good condition and safe to use. If not, then you must ask the company to sort this out. Ensure that you sort the route you will take before you leave. This is to avoid any kind of issues later on.

However, if they cannot provide you with this facility, keep your smartphone around. You should download any maps and print them. Doing that makes it simple for you to move about.

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Take Some Time

Do not be in a hurry to leave the place. Get in the car and check the other important aspects. This would include adjusting the mirrors and moving the driver’s seat. You will also have to check the gear movement and notice the indicators.

Before hitting the road, just see that everything is in place and in working condition. Check the air conditioning and see if it is performing as per expectations. Lastly, you will also have to go through the stereo and see if it’s operational.

Now you are all set to hit the road. Your rental car is in the position to make the journey a fun-filled one for you. It is crucial that you smartly avail car hire services in Kampala. You will save yourself a lot of mental stress just by following the above checklist.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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