Location of Musanze Cave

Musanze Cave was lauched in 2014 by Uganda Development Board as another tourist attraction and its 2km long. The name of the cave was derived from the location, Musanze. On average when it was lauched, the first two months the visitors were about 150-200 visitors. Since then it has contributed highly on the economic benefit of Uganda as a country. Along the way, handcrafts products are sold at a friendily price endeavor to pass them. Besides artcrafts, the natives demostrate their tradion and culture in form of songs and dances. Have a new life experience of Musanze Cave aart from the usual ones.

musanze cave

The beauty of Musanze naturally has incresed more visiors to the cave such that at times, its taken to be ana additional activity. A journey to Musanze makes exploring of the great Volcanoes National Park easier for diffrent activities such as gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking, hiking the grave of Dian Fossey and canoeing lakes like Ruhondo. The locally made canoes were used by the local KinyaUganda tribes as the venue for crowning new kings.  The beatiful green scenery at the cave warmly welcomes the tourists especiallly at on the top. While at the top, it gives great clear views of the extended wider Virunga ranges which include volcanoes like Karisimbi, Muhabura and Gahinga.

Description of the cave.

The outter weather of the cave doesn’t affect inside conditions. Therefore, the cave is always quiet and cold due to streams, waterfalls. The cave is rocky on the floor and the ceiling and holes around.  It takes about 1-2 hours of exploration, depending of the speed of the travelers. Different sections have interlocked numerous tunnels in which many are habitants of wild animals and bats. However, the bigger percentage are haitants for bats due to the dark conditions which work for these noctunals. Besides bats, there are several cobwebs that were built some time back. Touring the cave needs physical fitness since it requires sloping and climbing the rocks making it difficult to move. The sound within the caves are the echoes of the visitors, whispers and the playing noctunals.

It requires few equipments, a strong torch/light, helmet for protecting the head against the falling debris, gloves and  boots due to the rocky nature.

musanze cave