Consider renting a Range Rover for your special occasion in Uganda’s Kampala city. Whether you need it for your wedding, airport transfer, or self-drive purposes, Rent a Car Uganda has you covered. Our fleet of well-maintained, modern luxury cars is available for rent at excellent rates. We pride ourselves on our reputation for great service and low rates on all our luxury car rentals in Uganda.

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Our fleet of luxury Range Rovers for hire in Uganda includes the Range Rover Vogue and Range Rover Sport, both manufactured by Land Rover, one of Britain’s top carmakers. From the eye-catching exterior to the comfortable interior, there is no denying that the Range Rover is the perfect luxury car to hire for your special occasion. Whether you need VIP transportation to and from Entebbe airport or a business meeting in Kampala city, travel like royalty in a Range Rover. Show off your class and wealth by hiring a luxury car like the Range Rover. No other luxury car gives elegance and royalty than a Range Rover.

The Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover Sport is one of the most popular cars in Uganda, frequently seen on the streets of Kampala during weddings and corporate events, making it a common luxury car in the country. At our company, we offer a large fleet of Range Rovers and other luxury SUVs for rent in Uganda. With our rental service, we strive to provide the best possible car rental experience for our customers.

Our car rental services boast stunning Range Rovers with a variety of colors to suit everyone’s preferences for their dream Ranger Rover Sport/ Vogue color. Additionally, we have newer Land Rover Range Rover Sport/ Vogue models available from 2013 to 2016. The Land Rover Range Rover can accommodate up to 4 passengers and has a beautiful and colorful interior. Our Range Rover Sport models come in black, silver, and white, providing you with a range of options to choose from.

Range Rover for Hire in Uganda
rent a car in kampala Uganda

Range Rover for Hire in Uganda for Weddings

Make your bridal day unique by hiring a Range Rover Sport. It is an eye-catching car with a beautiful interior, featuring brown leather seats, each with a TV set, as well as an air-conditioner and entertainment system. This will provide your bride and groom with the most comfortable and royal transportation in Uganda. The Range Rover is an ideal choice for couples with rare selections in style and those who wish to stand out from the ordinary on their wedding day or special event.

As for the rate, it is 1,000,000 UGX per day inclusive of driver and fuel within Kampala city.

When it comes to hiring a Range Rover in Uganda, it’s important to keep in mind the vehicle’s ability to keep you secure and comfortable, regardless of weather conditions or terrain. With its exceptional capabilities and luxurious amenities, the Range Rover offers a truly unique driving experience.

  • Seats 5
  • Doors 4
  • Transmission Automatic
  • Engine 3.0L V6
  • Horsepower 256 hp
  • Drive Wheel Four-Wheel Drive
  • Class Full-size luxury SUV


Range Rover 2018 Sport Ugx 1,500,000 per day
Range Rover 2012/2013 Ugx 1,000,000 per day
Range Rover 2009 Vogue Ugx 600,000 per day