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Rent a Car Uganda introduces the Reduced Contact Car Rental Option to curb the Covid 19 spread

Rent a Car Uganda  has opted to offer ways to help make the pickup process more efficient and customer friendly while following the SOPs and directions from the Uganda government in Keeping safe from COVID 19 Spread.  Using a phone call, you can simply call us and let us know where you drop the car, and deliver the car keys with out physically meeting our  staff.  Rent a Car Uganda has revised the car rental pickup procedures available from many car rental companies in Uganda and offered these categories of the options.

Online Car Rental Booking:  Renters provide their driver profile and possibly payment info to decrease time spent at the office or Hotel during pickup.  Renters will still need to interact with Rent a car Uganda staff to complete the rental transaction, sign paperwork and receive their rental car.

Skip The Line: Renters can skip the line at the rental counter and enter an in expedited line, but may still have to interact with staff at the car rental counter before heading to the rental vehicle.

Skip the Counter:  Renters can skip the rental counter and proceed to the car lot, but may have to interact with staff at rental car lot to be assigned a vehicle, verify contract information and identification, as well as payment if needed.

Straight to Car:  The renter is assigned a specific vehicle or is able to choose from group of vehicles, enter car on own and drive to check out kiosk or gate where contract and identification is authorized.

Phone as Key:  The full rental transaction, including Driver’s License verification, payment and agreement to terms and conditions is completed through a mobile application.  Renters are provided instructions and potentially transportation to their assigned vehicle, where the mobile app will act as a key to access and start the vehicle.  No interaction with staff is required, unless needed.

Delivery:  The rental vehicle is delivered to a specified location, where the rental transaction is usually digitally completed and with limited interaction with delivery driver.

Uganda Self driveHow to  SKIP THE COUNTER / Office Visit

Rent a Car Uganda has recently introduced the Advance Check In, which,  during reservation, the renter will receive a text or email 2 days before their scheduled pickup to complete a pre-registration process. Once completed, the renter will receive a Rental Pass. The Rental Pass can then be shown along with a Driver’s License to our staff, who quickly collects a signature and then provides access to the rental vehicle. This greatly reduces any time in line and interactions at the office to get the rental car customer on their way.

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